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Based out of Toronto and hailed as an "arresting female vocalist" by the former editor of Mix Magazine NYC, KRISTEN’s powerful vocals and 60’s influenced style should delight fans of retro-tinged artists like Adele and Amy Winehouse.

KRISTEN was recently named on of "35 best Canadian jazz artists under 35" by the CBC and was awarded a FACTOR album grant to produce her debut album. In 2016, her song "Killing Time" (produced by Bill Bell) was added on high-rotation on Stingray Music's 'Canadian Indie' channel on the day of its soft release.

Before she was a recording artist, KRISTEN got her first job working behind the scenes in the music industry at DKD Entertainment as a production assistant (Rolling Stones, Feist). She later moved to New York and became an intern in the legendary Brill Building, where she went from coffee girl intern to singing on songs mixed by super-producer Phil Ramone (Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin). 

KRISTEN has also won a FACTOR demo grant, a Bourse St-Ambroise for rising musicians and been featured as a "Rising Star" by Galaxie Music. Stay tuned for new music!



"This woman has the raw power of a house diva with the awareness of any of the great pop stars working today. Her voice unfolds like smoke from behind a velvet curtain, you can almost smell the heartbreak, but before you have time to feel sorry for her, the sheer force of her voice is capable of moving you so deeply in the moment that it is all one can do to close one's eyes and sway in her tempestuous takes. This is your chance to see a superstar so close that you can feel her heat."      - Jason Quinton, Junction City Music Hall, Toronto